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Car Crime

Some say that it is often the motorists own fault that their cars are broken into. Motorists should be particularly vigilant and careful around Christmas as thieves are expecting their Xmas to come early as they take all the gifts you have struggled to search for all day in a matter of minutes. We must remember and beware that there are thieves and not to give them any more reason to target our cars by showing them what we have to offer them.

  • Choose a well lit car park that has a 'secure car park' sign if possible
  • Store possessions and gifts in the boot or glove box out of the way of thieves
  • Lock your car!! Even if you are just paying for petrol, it does not take more than a few seconds for a thief to take your car and you will not be covered on insurance.
  • Leave nothing lying around that may attract a thief. e.g. handbags, mobile phones, gifts, etc.
  • Stereo systems should be immobilised or practical enough to be taken out of the car when left.