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Motoring Books

Classic cars: French cars

Here is a selection of some books about French classic cars that you may find useful.

Citroen (Haynes Classic Makes S.) (Hardcover)
Citroen (Haynes Classic Makes S.) (Hardcover)

Citroen has always been a pioneering car manufacturer, with a long line of original, advanced designs and a tradition of engineering excellence and innovation. In over 80 years of production, Citroen has produced 28 distinct families of vehicles, many achieving cult status with enthusiasts of the marque. Told with expertise, this text contains the post-war full story of Citroen cars, encompassing such favourites as the radical Traction Avant, iconic DS and the cheeky 2CV.

Price: £19.99

Publication: 16 Jun 2004

Buy: Citroen (Haynes Classic Makes S.) (Hardcover)   Buy: Citroen (Haynes Classic Makes S.) (Hardcover)

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