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Buying used cars

Here is a selection of some top books about buying used cars that you may find useful.

Getting the Best Price on a Used Car
Getting the Best Price on a Used Car

From twinkle in your eye to warranty work, this is your guide to masterfully handling car-buying to get the most for your money.
Financing, insurance, what to expect and how to sidestep dealership manipulation. Everything in one spot.
Get a good price that sticks—does not get jacked up with extra fees and charges at the end
Use your most powerful tool to get the lowest price—your phone
Good cop, bad cop: how dealerships exploit this tactic to take you to the cleaners, and how to neutralize it
The simple request that decreases car insurance costs for the life of the car
Lemons: the myth and the reality. How to fix a lemon once and for all
Five ways to finance a car: pros and cons for each
Bonus: How to handle repairs/warranty work for a good outcome, and how to find a good mechanic.

Price: £3.99

Publication: 17 April 2013

Buy: Getting the Best Price on a Used Car   Buy: Getting the Best Price on a Used Car

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