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Contact/feedback form

You can use this form for any enquiries you may have about the site or to give us feedback.

Please note that we can not supply you with any more information about the attractions than what is displayed on the site. We do not send out lists of attractions, maps, routes or other related information by post.

Students/Researchers We will not do your homework for you. If you need background information and can't find it on the Net, please use a library instead of e-mailing us. For those of you too young to know; it's a big building with books in it ;) It has provided useful information for hundreds of years.

We don't know everything We have limited resources as this is a free site. We can not answer queries such as "Does the nearby pub serve vegetarian food and children's meals?" or "Can you recommend a cheap Bed and Breakfast near .....".

We will endeavour to reply to reasonable enquiries from this form within 5 working days.