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Introduction to the UK Directory

Our UK Directory is a flexible, low-cost and easy to understand method for anyone to get themselves on the net.

If your site is not based in the UK click here

Adding to the UK Directory

Anyone can get a FREE link to their web site, so long as their site is based in the UK and is legal, non-offensive and is not an adult site.

To add your site to the UK Directory in a couple of minutes follow the simple steps.

First, choose a city, town or village:

If your site is not based in the UK click here. It is important to get your site listed where you are based as most of our searches are local so if you don't do this you will miss out by not being found by local people. As our Directory is regional you should put yourself where you are based. Don't try to get yourself listed in Edinburgh if you are based in Milton Keynes; Yes people do that! Your listing will be moved to match the address on your web site, or simply deleted (depending on the directory editor's mood that day).

All links are added to the national directory, so a local link WILL be listed in the main directory too. With a local link you'll get the benefit of both local and national listings. But beware if you list your site in towns or cities that you are not based in, these will most likely be deleted by the directory editor, wasting your time and ours.