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Alternative Medicine/Therapists:Holistic Treatment

Maple Spa
Maple Spa Beauty Salon @ Hiz n' Hairz 10-12 High Street, Lingfield

Maternity Therapies
Qualified midwife specialising in maternity therapies

Melanie Flower Nutritional Therapist
Nutritional Therapy can provide relief from many chronic health problems. Melanie Flower practises from the Wellbeing Centre in West Bridgford, and two other locations in Nottingham.

Michelle Mason
Mobile Holistic Therapist

Mike McKenna Nutrition
Mike McKenna has nearly seven years experience working in the field of nutrition and skin care, having trained and worked alongside some of the top names in both industries.

Milena Moore Herbal Medicine and Allergy Testing
Consulting an herbalist is not just about relieving your symptoms: it is about regaining your health, well-being, and therefore your life.