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Travel Accident Insurance

Whether you are travelling on business or a family holiday, travel insurance is essential. Even if you are travelling to an EC country with an European E111 or the new ECard, you are only covered for basic medical services unless you have travel insurance. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for the best prices on travel accident insurance. You can also read out our Guide to Travel Accident Insurance.

Guide to Travel Accident Insurance

Travel Accident Insurance is essential if you are travelling abroad. No one expects to have an accident on holiday but unfortunately accidents do occur often through no fault of your own even before you get on holiday. Imagine you have saved up your money and worked hard to get that extra cash to spend on your well-earned holiday with you family and every one is excited as the day arrives.

The night before your trip to some sunny destination everyone is packing checking their bags and getting ready for an early start to the airport in the morning, after a quick breakfast and a hurried departure you all get into the car and make your way to the airport.

The traffic is quite busy and you are conscience of the time as you need to check in early and then disaster strikes, you run into a traffic jam on the motorway, of all the days to get stuck you don't need it today. The children play in the back seats and you start looking at your watch while you wife complains that you should have got up earlier and left with more time to spare.

Eventually, the traffic starts to move and you edge slowly forward and you decide to take the next exit to take an alternative route to the airport, just as you turn off someone else has had a similar idea but in their frustration and eagerness to leave the slow moving traffic they don't see you indicate and pull over and the other car crashes into your car spinning your out of control and you finally come to rest off the hard shoulder and everyone is fine but your car is not driveable.

It happens to everyone especially when your in a hurry and today of all days you sit and have to wait for roadside assistance and the police to arrive, you both look at your watch and you can see your flight is in less than one hour. You've missed your flight and through no fault of your own as you did leave sufficient time but accidents can happen.

Travel Accident Insurance is only there to protect you in case of such eventualities and in this case your travel insurance can help you through missed departure.

A short story how Travel Accident Insurance can help you at least salvage the money you have spent on your holiday and plan for another. We told you about a scenario that could happen before your holiday start. Imagine how bad this could be if you had an accident whilst you were on holiday, in a foreign country, not knowing the local law (and possibly the language) would make you very upset. If you are injured and need medical attention, without suitable travel insurance, then you are really in trouble.

Have a safe and happy journey to the airport and leave in plenty of time to allow for unexpected delays and get there in plenty of time to relax with Travel Accident Insurance.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.