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Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi trip travel insurance policies suit frequent travellers. They cover you for several trips, saving time and money. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for the best prices on multi trip travel insurance. You can also read our Guide to Multi Trip Travel Insurance.

Guide to Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi Trip travel insurance is another name for annual travel insurance and basically means what annual travel insurance permits you to do and that is to take multiple trips through out the year.

Multi Trip travel insurance is ideal for the frequent traveller and for families or persons that travel abroad more than twice a year as the cost of single trip travel insurance works out more expensive particularly for the family, so it makes economic sense to have a Multi Trip travel insurance policy to save money and time.

Multi- trip travel insurance has become very popular over the last 5 years since the advent of low cost budget airlines the number of holidays people take have doubled as flight costs have tumbled to an all time low.

We as a nation are travelling more often to more obscure locations and doing far more exotic and hazardous activities especially the younger generation which seek out excitement and adventure with extreme holidays to participate in activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, glacier walking, mountain trekking, lugging, and other even more obscure activities.

The increased levels of travel to far off and distant locations combined with hazardous activities means it is even more important to take out Multi Trip travel insurance which is appropriate and provides protection for medical expenses in case an accident occurs.

The insurers have responded with more specific polices designed for the new lifestyle we lead and the myriad of policies has led to a confused market place with far more providers entering the market place.

It is now possible to buy Multi Trip travel insurance and other forms of travel insurance from high street travel agents, credit card companies, banks, building societies, post offices, house insurance companies and mortgage lenders are also offering Multi Trip travel policies as sweeteners to deals. The most popular place is now the Internet where thousands of web sites clamour for your business offering all types of travel insurance mostly available online 24/7 including Multi Trip travel insurance.

You can even buy Multi Trip travel insurance from the supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and even Boots the chemist, it has indeed become a popular commodity which was once only considered to be a passive sale it has now become an aggressive market where everyone wants to sell you a Multi Trip travel policy.

Its not just the younger generation that has more time to travel the biggest spenders on travel are the older generation 55+ who have more time on their hands and with relations often half way round the world they too look for longer trips and certainly more holidays and can afford to take cruise packages as well as long haul flights to Canada, New Zealand and Australia to visit relatives and dependents. Multi Trip travel policies can be a more economic travel policy but not always as the older travellers from 65 and above can find the cost of a Multi Trip travel policy too high compared to a single trip policy so it pays to compare.

Before you buy your Multi Trip policy you ought to be familiar with the various conditions as with any crowded market place it pays to shop around as prices vary wildly and Multi Trip travel policies can vary from £35 to £150 per year for a single person and £75 to over £250 for a family policy so you need to consider facts carefully.

Other considerations that are important are the levels of cover offered and the excesses you have to pay in the event of a claim, and it doesn't always mean the more you pay the more you get so take time to compare policies, there are even comparison web sites where you can see products side by side which will help you decide.

Any one with a pre-existing medical condition should consider a policy that will pre- screen them for their condition and for an additional premium cover them for medical expenses or cancellation should they need to claim. Multi Trip travel polices are probably the best buy as they last for 12 months and renewable just like your car or home insurance. You don't need to worry about booking the insurance every time you want to take a trip at the last minute, you can simply pack your bags and go knowing you have cover and peace of mind.

More and more trips are at the last minute with special deals and fantastic savings to be made the traveller has the world certainly at their finger tips and the Internet has opened up a whole new vista of opportunities to see the worlds splendours. Multi Trip travel insurance provides you with that passport which can cover all members of the family and some policies will cover individual members of your family when they travel separately which is ideal for dependents that don't always want to travel with mum and dad.

Many Multi Trip travel polices will also cover you for holidays taken in the UK as long as you are booked into hotel accommodation and for a minimum number of days, this is a good idea as holidays in the UK can still have problems such as lost luggage, money, medical transfers by private ambulance as well as the problem of having to cancel a holiday due to a family crisis and potentially losing your deposit.

Multi Trip travel insurance is a compact way to protect your travelling and to cover you for a multitude of activities as well as winter sports with most Multi Trip travel polices including a given number of days per year for winter sports activities. In short a Multi Trip travel policy is a packaged product developed and marketed for the consumer who has demanded more types of activities to be included. Multi Trip travel insurance is packaged for a more competitive price and in the space of less than 10 years it has taken the travel insurance industry by storm and turned it upside down and is now the most popular travel insurance product on the market.

Before you buy your multi trip travel policy you should see if your mortgage lender, credit card company or even house insurance provider will offer you a policy at discounted rates or even for free otherwise get on the Internet and start searching for Multi Trip travel insurance and grab a cup of coffee and see just how much you can save before you book your Multi Trip travel insurance online and print out your policy in real time and get packing.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.