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Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long Stay travel insurance suits those travelling to a single destination for a period of several months. You should read our Guide to Long Stay Travel Insurance. You can use the Travel Insurance Directory to shop around for long stay travel insurance.

Guide to Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long stay travel Insurance is designed for those lucky individuals who can spend more than 3 months travelling and normally take on average 9 months policies for touring and visiting different countries.

Long Stay travel insurance is also known as extended stay and gap year insurance for university graduates who take a year out after they graduate and before they enter the work arena.

Long Stay travel insurance protects the traveller against medical situations and emergencies and provides cover for the standard travel insurance benefits such as cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, possessions cover and loss of documents and passport as well as liability and legal representation.

Any one that has travelled extensively will appreciate that despite all precautions you take accidents do occur through no fault of your own and you can fall ill when you least expect it and find yourself in a far out location with perhaps dubious medical facilities and a language problem.

Long Stay travel insurance is basically the same as standard travel insurance but the policy term is for 3 to 18 months maximum and is purchased in monthly units, for either European cover or Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada or Worldwide. You can travel anywhere within that territorial limit but you cannot buy a European policy and then travel to a country outside Europe. So if you plan to travel many countries in the world but not going to visit the USA or Canada then a Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada will cover you everywhere in the world expect for those 2 countries.

Make sure you take all necessary precautions and immunizations and seek your GP's advice several months before you plan to leave so that the necessary medication will have sufficient time to protect your body.

Always take copies of your passport and identity information and medical card and a list of any medication you take and keep it separate from your documents just in case you lose your bag.

It is also a good idea to buy long distance telephone calling cards and keep safe just in case you need to make some calls home and never carry too much cash; instead use travellers cheque or ATM cards.

Long Stay Insurance can only protect you if you take good safety precautions in the first place and remember when you are in a country that is not familiar with westerners you should think carefully before you go to intimate places or secluded locations as you are alone in a strange country.

Travel the world and meet interesting people and taste wonderful food and explore different cultures and be safe with long stay travel insurance.

You may want to check out our Guidance notes about travel insurance if this is the first time that you have bought travel insurance online.