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UK theatre information:
Accuracy of Information

Information on this site is provided by the theatres, producers and promoters as well as organisers and other individuals. We do try to keep the information up to date, but as things change, we may not always be notified. If there is any information on this site which you find is incorrect please let us know and we will check with the theatre and make any necessary changes.

Theatre information
The information provided about the theatres was correct at the time the site was set up. We will check this information with theatres from time to time to maintain accuracy, but in certain cases it may not be possible. For example smaller theatres may only be available occasionally and we may not be able to contact them.

Theatregoers with disabilities
We try to provide information for theatregoers with disabilities for as many theatres as we can, but this is based on information given to us rather than our own visits. If you are unsure about the facilities at a theatre please contact the theatre management or check our Information for theatregoers with disabilities for more information.

Seating plans
These are either provided by the theatres or we link directly to the relevant page on another site. Occasionally a theatre may have to change the seating for a show. Please read Seating plans for more information.

Tickets and Cancellations
We do not sell tickets ourselves and have no information on availability of tickets for any of the shows. All booking is done via other sites which we link to. If a show is cancelled and we are informed we will mark it as cancelled in our listings.

Show Times
The times for shows are displayed provided we have been supplied with this information. Occasionally they may change after we have entered them on this site. Please read Show Times for more information.

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