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London theatre information:
Booking tickets for London theatres
Buying tickets on-line or by phone

Many agencies have facilities for you to buy tickets online, or more commonly, over the phone. The same rules applies as buying in person and you should read Tips on buying tickets. Above all make sure you are buying from a reputable company. It's easy to judge the company if you are booking tickets in person, but on-line or telephone agencies are more difficult to judge.

If you are buying online, look for the STAR logo on their site. Also check that the transaction is secure and not just a basic form that e-mails your details to who knows where.

If you are booking by phone ask the face value of the tickets and any additional charges that may be added. These should not be more than %25 of the face value of the tickets. Make sure that your seating is explained to you and that any restrictions in view are pointed out.

If you have problems with any ticket agencies please let us know. Whilst we have no power to enforce any rules. We can warn other people about the agency in question and at least embarrass them a little.

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