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London theatre information:
Booking tickets for London theatres
Dealing with problems

Even if you follow our advice and do everything right there may be problems. Here are a few common problems with ticket bookings and how you can deal with them. If you have other problems check out the page on Dealing with problems.

Generally something like "no refunds" is tucked away in the terms and conditions. You may however be able to return your tickets and get a refund for the face value. If you have bought from an agency you won't get the administration fee back.

If you have bought at the box office you can return your tickets to the box office and if they can sell them you will get most, if not all your money back.

Problems getting to the theatre/Can't attend
If you have any problems then there is very little you can do to get your money back. Some theatres and agencies have an insurance for this which might be worth taking out. TicketPlan covers you if a member of your party or a close relative becomes ill or otherwise prevents you from going to the show. It also covers you if you have transport problems. Check out their site for details and conditions.

Problem with tickets bought from Touts
If you have bought from touts, then there is very little you can do. If they operate from a booth you can go back and complain, but this may not achieve anything. If you've bought from individuals or the Internet auctions, then you are up a certain creek without a certain tool.

Who to complain to
If you have had problems let the Society Of London Theatre know. If you have bought from an agency which is a Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers member then you can always go to the society for help and advice.

If you have problems with any ticket agencies please let us know. Whilst we have no power to enforce any rules. We can warn other people about the agency in question and at least embarrass them a little.

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