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Dress Code in UK theatres

There is no formal dress code for UK theatres. The days of black tie are long gone, even in London's West End Theatres. You will be perfectly fine wearing Smart/casual outfits. If there is a strict dress code for a show you will be advised beforehand.

Jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable in most places, but if you prefer to wear a Suit and Tie you will not be out of place as many people like to dress up for the theatre.

West End Theatres can be a bit different on opening night. If you are lucky enough to get opening night tickets for a show then formal i.e. suit & tie for men or a smart dress for the ladies may be required. The same may apply to the first few weekend nights of a major show as these tend to be frequented by the more discerning theatregoers. You won't be thrown out for wearing a Lion King T-shirt, but you will look out of place.

Ladies can normally wear whatever they like, but if you are visiting the West End on a week end or opening night a good dress is essential. Don't go overboard though and remember large hats will not be appreciated.

British theatres may or may not be air conditioned and cold draughts are not uncommon. In winter/cold nights you should take something extra to keep you warm as you will probably leave your coat in the cloakroom. A shawl or scarf is fine for ladies or you can wear something extra to keep warm.

And finally one point to remember is to dress in something comfortable. There is no point spending two hours watching a show whilst your tie is strangling you.

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