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About UK theatres

UK theatres aims to bring together a range of theatre information together and make an easily useable and informative guide for theatre goers and people involved in theatre around Britain. Our aims are:
  • Cover all of UK We don't focus on just London, although the majority of readers are interested in London theaters and buying tickets for shows in London. We want to give other UK theatres a fair share and felt that too many sites are entirely devoted to London, for a good reason. London theaters account for a large amount of the total UK shows with over fifty major productions running at any one time and numerous other shows in smaller theatres around London. We feel that regional theatres should not be left out because it is not cost effective to put their information on the site.
  • Be independent Unlike other major UK theatre sites which are associated with a journal, publisher, producer or ticket agency, we are completely independent. The site is funded through links to sales of tickets and a commission from links to merchandising, but we are not directly supported or "sponsored" by any single ticket agency.
  • Include everyone We don't just cover high price ticket shows. We advertise Any Shows professional or amateur. In fact having been involved in many amateur productions we know how hard it is to get publicity.

To add a show you need to go to the theatres listings page and click on the "Add show" button at the bottom of the page. The shows you add will not be immediately visible. An editor will check them for suitability before they are added to the site.

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Site sections

Our site is split into a number of sections. You can access all the information through our main site which allows you to view information locally for towns, cities and some villages. If you want to concentrate on a particular topic we have several sections devoted to particular subjects:

  • Entertainment & Leisure
    For Film buffs there is a complete section for UK Cinema which includes full listings for cinemas around Britain. There is also news and a selection of links to reviews, movie trailers and other sites of interest.

    UK Theatres provides a comprehensive listing of London theatres as well as regional theatres. There are also details of popular shows and theatre ticket booking facilities.
  • Accommodation and travel
    If you want to find somewhere to stay, you should check out our UK hotels which has links to hotels in each city with extensive details and a quick on-line booking facility. If you prefer a longer break or want to get away from it all our guide to cottages and self catering accommodation lists thousands of self catering holiday homes including: farm cottages, apartments, country houses, converted buildings, historic and stately homes and holiday parks.
  • Information & Directories
    Our UK Directory has a comprehensive set of links to pages or sites in diverse categories. Our aim was to make this a valuable resource for UK organisations, businesses and residents. Any UK based organisation can get a free link and this directory is growing rapidly.

Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions.

For More information please read our Terms and conditions and Privacy Statement. Should you have any other questions or comments please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.