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What can you buy?

You can buy just about anything.
BooksHave worked very successfully on-line as they are easy to send, and often not subject to tax. The phenomenal success of has led to a huge number of on-line bookshops with vast databases of books which can be searched by author, title, genre or subject. The sites also carry recommendations, reviews and sometimes interviews with authors.
MusicAs well established as books, particularly because of the high price of CDs in the UK. It is often cheaper to buy on-line. Some sites have facilities for you to listen to album tracks, or sample tracks you can download. There are sites from all the big retailers and sites from independent record shops.
ClothesSome people feel the need to see, feel and try on clothes before they buy, but Internet shopping is overtaking mail-order catalogues. You can get cheaper clothes in the US, but take care on US sizes, currency, tax and delivery.

As well as stores' individual collections, there are sites that allow you to enter exactly what you're looking for and it will search the shops for an appropriate selection. Fashion sites also have some of the most innovative graphics too.

FoodThe idea of the weekly shop being ordered from home and delivered to your door is now a reality. Supermarkets are catching on to the idea and Tesco and Sainsbury's are leading the way, so you can go round the store with a mouse instead of a dodgy trolley; home delivery is £5. Hampers and food gift packages which have always been posted are available on-line and the number of specialist sites is growing.
ComputersUnsurprisingly computer retailers lead the way in selling on the net. Their sites are amongst the best designed and most user-friendly places to shop. Buying direct from the manufacturer you can customise a PC to your requirements. You can also buy hardware, software, and office equipment and there are often discounts if you buy on-line. Check for VAT and delivery though.
TicketsBooking tickets on-line is another growing area. You can type in an artist and it will give you dates and availability. You can buy on-line and the tickets are sent to you.
TravelIs one of the most popular things to research and buy over the net. There are a huge number of sites on-line and the customer takes on the role of travel agent, searching databases of flights and holidays. You can get amazing last minute bargains, but be prepared to do a lot of research. You are not always able to book on-line, but have to ring up and pay later.