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Sports Insurance

Sports insurance is a specialist range of insurance which is designed for sports venues, sports clubs and the individual participating in a range of activity sports, either as a coach or a participant.

Being an active participant of any sport there are a number of main areas of risk that you should be aware of: Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and Sports Travel.

Whatever type of sporting activity you are or your company is involved in, you are at risk of being sued for negligence following an accident or injury incurred by a student or participant. This could be following instruction given by yourself or one of your instructors, or carried out at your venue or even remotely from any event associated with your company.

A specialist sports insurance policy can protect you and your company against this type of claim and can be combined with Public Liability to provide comprehensive protection against legal liabilities within one policy.

As an individual you might be involved as any of the following: Martial Arts Instructor, Dance Instructor, Aerobics Instructor, Yoga Instructor, or a Personal Trainer, to name a few disciplines.

Sports insurance will offer the necessary protection against claims against you as a sports trainer or instructor, for accidental injuries and liability from members of the public and students.

Sports clubs & sports groups often use hired or rented facilities and as such the owner of the property or local authority will require evidence of proof of appropriate sports insurance prior to permission being given for use. As a sports club you need to have comprehensive sports insurance which includes public liability and cover for any accidental injury or damage to the property by third parties. If you have any employees you will require employer's liability insurance as well.

Sports events organisers will require sports insurance to protect them against the financial consequences of a sports event being cancelled, postponed or abandoned for a number of reasons outside of your control. Events such as international and regional sporting events can be protected with sports insurance.

Sports Team Protection sports insurance is also available for sports teams to cover the individuals within a team or squad, incorporating non professionals, whilst they are playing or practicing and for the journeys to and from the training ground and venue. Accidents can happen, especially with active sports, and cover can extend to provide for: Physiotherapy, Loss of Earnings due to an accident whilst participating in the sport, Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, Personal Accident Cash Benefits and Rehabilitation following a sports injury.

Sports insurance can offer protection for the sports club, sports venue, sports trainer and instructor and for events organisers against accidental injury claims, liability and cancellation of organised events as well as property damage caused by third parties.

Sports insurance providers offer a wide range of policies to protect sports professionals as well as sports events and venues against the unexpected claims and the financial consequences to you and your business. Prevention is better than cure, and being prepared with adequate sports insurance is common sense to have peace of mind.