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Mobile Phone Insurance

Did you know that over 3,000 mobile phones are reported stolen every day? That's over 110,000 every month and over 1.3 million phones every year. Over 1200 are damaged by water per month on top of those stolen.

Mobile phone insurance is a low cost way to protect your mobile phone against loss or theft and from accidental damage such as water damage.

Mobile phones have been a part of every day living for the past decade and are a common site in every walk of life, spanning children aged 8 to pensioners aged 80 who now possess a mobile phone to stay in touch. Mobile phone insurance will cover your loss so that you can replace your mobile phone as quickly as possible.

Mobile phones are now highly sophisticated communication devices that incorporate digital cameras, video, and access to the internet as well as making those phone calls. Mobile phones are now smaller and more fashionable than ever and can slip into your pocket and be hardly noticed. In fact you have to check your pockets sometimes to make sure you still have it, and fumble for your mobile phone when it rings at the most awkward of times.

This may not have happened to you yet but I'm sure you know of someone it has happened to. Imagine you step off a train or bus and then go for your phone and realise its missing. You distinctly recall shortly before someone had bumped into you, which is probably when your phone was stolen from you, and there is nothing you can do to get your mobile phone back and to think you even apologised!

Remember your mobile phone is a desirable and valuable piece of hardware that can be smaller than a packet of 10 cigarettes and contains all your prized contact numbers. Someone may be looking to steal your mobile phone at the next possible opportunity. Mobile phone insurance is a low cost way to protect your property, but, as they say, prevention is better than cure so here are some safety measures you can take to help protect your mobile phone.

Safety Tips:

  • Keep your mobile phone out of sight when it's not in use;
  • Don't walk and text at the same time as you're not concentrating on people around you;
  • Use a PIN code to lock your mobile phone;
  • Turn off your ringing tone when you're feeling vulnerable to attack or theft;
  • Record your mobile phone's unique long serial number, the IMEI. You can obtain your IMEI number by dialling *#06# on your mobile phone;
  • Don't leave your phone on show in a parked car;
  • Do not permit a stranger to use your phone for whatever reason, as its likely to be a scam claiming to be a crisis. If need be you can make the phone call to the person yourself or offer to phone the police;
  • Don't draw attention to yourself, especially if you're alone after dark or near suspicious looking people or youths.

Violent mobile phone thefts are on the increase and it's truly frightening to what lengths some people will go to steal your mobile phone

Mobile phone insurance can protect you from the financial loss of your mobile phone or accidental damage to your mobile phone, which is some compensation for the considerable inconvenience and distress caused.