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Don't Dump That, local site is based in Woodhall Spa
East Lindsey's branch of Don'tDumpThat is organised by Aivlys, a resident of Woodhall Spa.


Don'tDumpThat is all about helping preserve the environment by keeping perfectly useful items out of landfill sites; with new local forums opening all around the United Kingdom it's getting easier and easier.

Every day members all around the UK are clearing out their homes and garages and instead of throwing out the resulting pile of unwanted stuff, they're posting it onto their local Don'tDumpThat forum so that someone who does want it can come and take it away.

What could be better? No cost, no hassle, no landfill.

You can get started straight away by going to the find a forum page and looking for your local Don'tDumpThat forum.

Then all you need to do is register with your email* address, setup your profile and you're ready to start clearing out that pesky cluttered spare room!

*You will not be swamped with email - all posts go to the forum, not your mailbox.

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Submitted on: 1st December 2006