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Skelmorlie's World Heritage Site ?
Recently the Antonine Wall was nominated to become a World Heritage Site as part of an initiative involving three other European countries.

The Roman causeway, roads and fortlets on this side of the Clyde were also an integral part of the Antonine system and Bishopton Inverclyde, Skelmourlie and Largs should seek to have them included as part of this World Heritage Site proposal!

If you haven't already visited some of the sites I have created a virtual tour of these locations in the form of 3D animations & video-clips which can now be found at:

They include a walk into the middle of the Clyde across the roman causeway that spanned the river during the Antonine period and a tour through the forts and roads in the area, including a reconstruction of the fortlet above Skelmorlie!

Other clips include Dumbarton Fort in 570AD and the Crannogs which used to sit on the shores of the Clyde.

Article contributed by:
Louie Pastore
Submitted on: 14th October 2006