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Hidden History on your Doorstep

The Town Hall is recognisable from all over Sheffield by its imposing Vulcan clock tower. It is right in the heart of the city, at the top of Fargate shopping street and next to the Peace Gardens. Tours are available to see the marble, chandeliers and ornate wood panelled interior, home to Sheffield City Council offices.

The City Hall is another landmark with its oval hall and coliseum-like entrance; this is a popular venue for concerts, comedy, orchestras.

As Sheffield steel is famous all over the world, the cutlery industry is synonymous with the city; Cutler's Hall is a good place to discover local history. The formal hall houses the Cutler company's collection of silver. It is open to pre-booked groups.

A hidden treasure is the Sheffield General Cemetery, which is a haven of quiet off the busy Ecclesall Road. Opened in 1836 to bury the dead from Sheffield's middle-class non-conformist population, it is one of the most important Victorian cemeteries in the country with over 77,000 buried there. There is evidence Sheffield's Victorian steel industry in the decorative wrought ironwork.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens were designed in 1833. There are 3 glass pavilion hothouses and the site has many listed buildings and over 5000 kinds of plants. The hothouses are currently being reconstructed to their former glory, in keeping with the period and the botanical collection is also being restored.

The site of the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul has been consecrated land since 800AD. The present building has architecture from the 15th, 18th and 20th centuries, there is also a fine collection of stained glass. As well as daily services, there are regular concerts and lunchtime organ recitals.