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Caring for our children's future fitness
The Fundamental Movement Ideas for Early Years a new scheme developed by British Gymnastics helps to develop essential basic skills in movement and co-ordination. These skills play an essential role in everyday life and are fundamental to all types of physical learning. Participation in the Fundamentals scheme stimulates the imagination, gives children a head start on encouraging new physical and emotional experiences and in developing social interaction.

This is exactly what is happening in Poulton. Gym Mania Gymnastics under the club coach of Sarah Oxley has adopted the new British Gymnastics scheme.

"The main aim of this fundamental scheme is children to learn that movement and activity is fun and enjoyable. This will encourage children's interest in all types of sport and will lead to healthier, active children, and fitter adults."

Gym Mania Gymnastics (which specialsies in Gymnastics and Movement for children aged 2 1/2 to 5 years of age ie. pre school and reception classes) takes place at Poulton Youth and Community Centre on a Sunday, but it is proving a hit with families from all over Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde. The new Fundamentals scheme was only launched on 18th March but already Gym Mania has adopted it alongside their current session programme of British Gymnastics award schemes.

The sessions using the Fundamental scheme focus around the Funky Cat and family. These characters have been created to identify a specific skill through a FUN medium. 'Steady' enjoys doing all balance activities; 'Springy' enjoys jumping about; 'Stretchy' enjoys the warm-up sessions; 'Swingy' enjoys using the apparatus; 'Sporty' is well co-ordinated; and 'Funky Cat' himself, is a good all-rounder. All the cats take part n the team activities.

And all this whilst having FUN! For all these reasons, this structured activity programme through Gymnastics and Movement, will give a positive effect to children's future development, providing a solid foundation for any future pathway and lead to a positive enjoyment of all physical activity in their later ears, making them healthier, happier children and adults. For more information call Sarah Oxley on 07731338122 or e-mail gymmania2004@aol.com

As Sue Campbell, Chair of UK Sport says, "It is important to start encouraging young people to develop an active lifestyle as early as possible. There is growing evidence that activity is good for health, good for education and good for life."

Call Sarah Oxley on 07731338122.

Article contributed by:
sarah oxley
Submitted on: 3rd May 2005