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What to see in Exeter
Exeter is a long established city with a strong history and many beautiful buildings.

Exeter Cathedral and Cathedral Green
This magnificent building and its History is described here. There are many wonderful old buildings situated around Exeter Cathedral.

The Royal Clarence Hotel stands proud, opened in 1769 and is believed to be the first time the term hotel was used in England. The Ship Inn, just off Cathedral Green in Martins Lane, is believed to be one of Sir Francis Drakes favourite watering holes. He is also believed to have relaxed with Sir Walter Raleigh and other well known Elizabethans, at the nearby Mols Coffee House. Next to this is Hansons Tea Rooms, where you can take a traditional English cuppa. Further down is the Bishop of Creditons Residence at No 10 Cathedral Close, it dates from the latter part 14th century. This beautiful building has a courtyard with an arched entrance and early 17th century oak door. St. Martins Church, on the other side of Mols was built in 1065, and dedicated to St. Martin of Tours, who was patron saint of beggars. Next to the ship Inn, on the corner of Catherine Street is the SPCK Bookshop, a wonderful old 15th century building. The statue of Richard Hooker (1554-1600) stands on the green itself and was carved by A Drury in 1907. At the other side of the green, is the Devon War Memorial, dedicated to the many people who lost lives in the great war.

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