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The Waterfront
The Waterfront Public House and Restaurant is situated on the Exeter Quayside, in one of the remaining old warehouses.

Approach the Waterfront from the opposite side of the canal by taking a 1 minute journey on Butts Ferry, which has operated for over 350 years.

(c) sean creech
(c) sean creech

The Waterfront serves a good selection of drinks and good food, and is well known for the dustbin lid sized pizzas. At night the whole quay area becomes a haven for those seeking a great night out in Exeter, including a selection of night-clubs, all located in close proximity.

Other interesting structures on the Exeter Quayside include the Custom House, which dates from the 1680's and the old Maritime Museum, which is now sadly closed, and the vessels sold off around the World.

The area around the Canal Basin is to date (Nov 2001), being considered for re-development, so the look and feel of the area may well change forever.

Other public houses nearby are : Bishops Blaize, Hourglass, Malthouse, Port Royal, Prospect Inn and the Welcome Inn.