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The village of Powderham is just a short walk from the Turf Locks hotel, alongside the beautiful Exe Estuary. As well as the outstanding natural beauty of this area, things to see include the Castle and the Church. Powderham Castle, more than 600 years old is the home of the Earl of Devon. The Castle is still lived in by the Courtenay family and is one of England's best known Stately Homes. The Castle itself lies in a beautiful setting in an ancient deer park and is at the centre of a large 4,000 acre estate. Details and photographs of the castle can be found here.

The church is also worth investigating, and is not far from the castle, in fact it is quite possible to photograph both in the same frame. The church has a wonderful Edifice, erected in about 1470, on the site of one dedicated to St. Clement in 1259, and of which the lower part of the present tower would seem to be the remains. The interior is beautiful. 62 feet in length, not including the tower, and 38 feet in width.

If you go much further away from Exeter from Powderham, following the railway along the country lane, you will reach Starcross.