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New Arrivals At Sea Life Centre Are Some Of The Strangest Creatures on the Planet!
Dozens of new residents arriving at Birmingham Sea Life Centre this February do not have a single brain or heart between them!

They are a collection of jellyfish from across the world, and the absence of hearts or brains is by no means their only remarkable feature.

jellyfish discovery at birmingham sea life centre
jellyfish discovery at birmingham sea life centre

Set to star in a spectacular new attraction called Jellyfish Discovery, the 5 different species range from Atlantic Sea Nettle jellyfish, USA to spotted jellyfish from Australia.

"We have created a magical home for them, featuring ceiling-high tube tanks with multi-coloured spotlights to help show the jellies to best effect," said Curator Graham Burrows

"But it is what you will learn about these amazing creatures as much as what you can see that will make the encounter so fascinating," he added.

Jellyfish have lived in the oceans for more than 650 million years, outdating dinosaurs and even sharks.

They can reproduce both sexually and asexually during different parts of their strange lifecycle.

Some species are rich in protein, and there is a developing market in countries like Japan for dried jellyfish.

"They are also amongst the most resilient of sea creatures," said Graham "able to survive wider ranges of salinity, acidity and temperature than most other species.

"That makes them superbly adapted to plug the gaps when other species decline, which is why there have been huge swarms of jellyfish appearing in recent years.

"Some scientists believe that jellyfish are poised to take over the oceans."

Article contributed by:
Jamie Turner
Submitted on: 11th February 2013

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