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Chequers Hotel

Chequers Hotel - Pulborough Chequers Hotel - Pulborough

Chequers Hotel,Pulborough Information
Chequers Hotel is situated in the large village of Pulborough, on the edge of South Downs National Park. Free Wi-Fi is provided, as well as free on-site parking.
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Chequers Hotel,Pulborough
Chequers Hotel,Pulborough Address
Chequers Hotel
Old Rectory Lane
RH20 1AD
Map and Directions
Chequers Restaurant offers fresh and diverse meals. Ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible, ensuring your meal is a true experience of local tastes and traditions. Particular attention is paid to the restaurant's Black Rock Grill menu, where your meal is cooked and served on a heated volcanic granite stone resulting in a unique culinary experience.
The bar at Chequers is ideal for a relaxing pre-dinner drink, with it's calming ambience and attentive staff. Comfortable seating and soft lighting means you will enjoy taking time out to relax. You can also enjoy a coffee with friends in the day, when the bar takes on an airy and inviting feel for a light hearted get together.
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