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Bangor Hairdressers

Here is a list of hairdressers and hair stylists in Bangor. If you can't find a suitable hairdresser or hair stylist in Bangor, you can use the local search facility to find hairdressers and hair stylists in cities, towns or villages near Bangor.

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Manhattan Hair
70 Central Av, Bangor
BT20 3AU
T 028 9127 2093

McKinstry Julie
1D Ashbury Av, Bangor
BT19 6TH
T 028 9146 9001

Nicky O
188A Rathgael Rd, Bangor
BT19 1RT
T 028 9146 0424

Platinum Hair Studio
50 Grays Hill, Bangor
BT20 3BB
T 028 9185 9969

Smyth Timothy
4 Albert St, Bangor
BT20 5EF
T 028 9146 6282

Square Cut The
4 Station Sq, Helens Bay, Bangor
BT19 1TN
T 028 9185 3060

Studio 41
41 Brunswick Rd, Bangor
BT20 3DS
T 028 9127 1173

Style Counsel
59 High St, Bangor
BT20 5BE
T 028 9146 5438

Supercuts Bangor
15B Flagship Centre/Main St, Bangor
BT20 5AU
T 028 9146 5648

4a Quay St, Bangor
BT20 5ED
T 028 9146 6014

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