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Wedding Flowers

A short guide about the choice of beautiful wedding flowers online - Bespoke hand made flower arrangements delivered to your door.

Wedding flowers can follow what is in fashion at the time. You don't have to opt for the more traditional or classic designs. It is no longer important to have all the floral pieces matching (i.e. Bridesmaids with the Bride or even Bridesmaid with Bridesmaid), just show your personality - after all it is your day!

Image of Wedding Flowers

Wedding bouquet colours can be bold and contrasting. There is no need for the old fashioned romantic colours or traditional whites. With the help of an expert, just decide on what you would like for your marriage ceremony.

Cascading bouquets for the Bride have become very popular in recent years. These are often tied with florist ribbon or beads to give a dramatic effect.

Table decor and wedding flowers centrepieces has also experienced a renaissance. More attention is now placed on what is actually holding the flowers and what is around the display. Again, the married couple, Bride and Groom have the opportunity to express themselves and their personalities with floral designs at their reception.

Flowers can also be used for other purposes at the wedding. Other ideas include:

  • Gifts for weddings guests.
  • Gifts for those who have helped arrange the Wedding, E.g. Best man.
  • Decorations for the reception, surrounding area and wedding car.

Struggling a little with wedding flower ideas please see our Wedding Florist page.

To summarize, flowers are such an important factor of your wedding it would be a shame if you didn't give them the attention they deserve. After all, they will also compliment the all important wedding dress.

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