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Flowers to send for specific occasions

Flower shopping in the United Kingdom is easy to do online, as there are many florists offering a service to send flowers via the Internet. Flowers are a lovely present for anyone, whether it is for a specific occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, a wedding, a funeral, an anniversary, Easter, Valentines day, mother's day, a new baby, or whether it is just to say 'Congratulations', get well or thank you. A longer lasting alternative is to send plants. If you're not sure about the best flowers for an occasion, you can opt for seasonal flowers, which are stocked by most online florists. Whatever the occasion or message, shopping for flowers from an online florist in the United Kingdom is the most convenient way to buy them, and hopefully this page will have given you some idea about which flowers to choose.

The meaning of flowers

Different flowers convey different emotions and wishes, something to bear in mind when shopping for a floral arrangement from an online florist.

Gerberas are from the sunny lowlands of South Africa, and instil happiness. They contain a chemical compound called coumarin, which means they smell like freshly mown lawns.

When simplicity is needed, lilies are the ideal flower, and they are associated with spiritual and symbolic occasions.

Orchids are flowers which symbolise beauty and refinement. Orchids are a versatile flower that last a long time, and are ideal for birthdays and as thank you presents.

Roses are the ultimate romantic flower. According to a French saying from la republique, white roses are for love, red roses are for passion, and yellow roses are for friendship. For happiness, give pink roses, which represent grace, gentleness and gratitude, and for love at first sight, give lilac roses.

Jasmine flowers are the present to give to someone when you want them to know that they are a fabulous person.


Get well soon flowers

For a get well soon floral arrangement, use pastel colours, as pastel shades in particular create a cosy atmosphere that contributes to rejuvenation. Flowers have been shown to trigger happy emotions.

Wedding flowers

In ancient weddings, the Roman brides and grooms wore flowers to represent new life and fertility. More recently, brides wore orange blossoms in their hair as a symbol of purity and fruitfulness. Current wedding favourite flowers include:

  • Arum lilies, which are traditionally white;
  • Roses in shades of pinks and whites are popular colour choices;
  • Lily of the valley is the ultimate in romance with a fabulous scent;
  • Peonies are only available in May, June and November;
  • Freesias are in bright colours and have a wonderful scent, and so are a favourite for bouquets;
  • Ivy and Jasmine are trailing plants often chosen for flowing 'waterfall' bouquets.

Funeral flowers

When shopping for flowers for a funeral, the advice, if you are unsure, is to go with your own personal taste. Here are a few traditional sympathy flowers:/

  • Chrysanthemums are traditional funeral flowers in many countries of the world with white Chrysanthemums signifying truth and honesty. They are also available in yellow, burgundy, tan and pink as well as the more unusual green button chrysanthemums. White Chrysanthemums can be sprayed any colour where a design tribute is required, such as football shirts or crests or military badges.
  • Red carnations are used on tributes where a red base is required. Carnations are long lasting flowers, which also adds to their popularity. White carnations are meant to signify truth and red carnations passion or strength of feeling.
  • As a funeral flower, there is nothing as beautiful as a rose. Red roses are the most traditional flower used, but white, yellow or pink are also used. Red Roses signify passion or strength of feeling, yellow roses stand for love, and white roses traditionally reflect innocence.
  • One of the few blue flowers available all year round is the iris, which signifies faithfulness and hope. True blue flowers are not very easy to find, with most being more purple than blue. Blue delphiniums and hydrangea can be seasonal, and dyed blue roses can be obtained.
  • There are several types of lily and the colours available are white, orange (salmon) yellow and pink. Longiflorum lilies, where the flower head forms a trumpet, are white only. They are a very traditional, funeral flower and look best in a tied sheath because of the way they grow on the stem. Asiatic lilies are smaller flower heads and are used in sprays on based or massed tributes or where a smaller flower head is required. Oriental lilies open out fully with petals turning back. Calla Lilies are a trumpet shaped lily which is actually related to the anthurium or artist's palette.

For a more exotic floral arrangement, try Pistachio green anthuriums with deep red roses, a based heart made up of gypsophila, cluster wreaths with seasonal flowers. Strelitzia (bird of paradise), sunflowers, orchids can all be used.