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Christmas Flowers

Since the most ancient times, Christmas flowers have symbolised eternity and everlasting life. Read our short guide and find out more.

We don't usually think of Traditional Christmas flowers due to the winter cold. However, Christmas is a time of intimate traditional celebrations in the home so nice flowers and plants can enhance the experience. There are also Christmas holiday traditions related to flowers and plants that can be followed.

Image of Christmas Flowers

An old tradition was to bring green foliage into the home for good luck or to give fairies a refuge from the harsh winter. It was thought that this would guarantee the return of vegetation in spring. Such vegetation also signifies the abundance of nature on our land and can be a symbol of immortality, longevity, triumph and good luck. They can also bring a nice aroma into the home which we associate with Christmas.

Floral Christmas flower arrangements can be given that Christmas feel by using scented pines as a base for more colourful flowers. Traditional colours for Christmas flowers are red but also think about colours that compliment your home decor. Of course you don't have to follow tradition, consider mixing neutral colours with bolder more contrasting ones.

Candles added to a centrepiece bring warmth to the room. Scented ones would enhance the ambience and safely placed baubles would reflect the light. These can be incorporated with a floral display to make your centrepiece a real focal point.

The container is also important. Think about vases and containers that represent the Christmas spirit. Sprays and arrangements can be decorated with tinsel, ribbon, metallic or craft paper to compliment the Yuletide flavour. Traditional spices can also be added to bring colour and scent.

Image of Christmas Floral Displays

Christmas floral displays make a perfect gift or greeting for a Christmas party. If you are entertaining friends you could make bouquets, small arrangements or single flowers in small pots to give to visitors. If you are visiting you could take a larger spray or arrangement with you to help generate a good atmosphere at the party

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