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Autumn Flowers

The nights are drawing in and it's a good time of the year for autumn flowers that brighten your home with a floral display. The cooler days means a temperature fall and people naturally spending more time indoors. When autumn's evenings become longer, your friend or loved one will appreciate an extra splash of colour and fragrance of a floral bouquet.

Autumn Flowers

Autumn flowers and plants include: Acacia (Mimosa), Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Anemone, Anthurium, Aster, Bouvardia, Carnation, Celosia, Chrysthanthemum, Daisy, Dahlia, Delphinium, Echinops, Euphorbia, Freesia, Gerbera, Gladioli, Gloriosa, Gypsophila, Hydrangea, Hypericum, Iris, Lilac, Lily, Lisianthu, Love-Lies-Bleeding, Micklemas Daisy, Morning Glory, Orchid, Rose, Nerine, Phlox, Stephanotis.

The traditional autumn colours are rich and cool with interesting foliage, berries and twigs. Why don't you take a walk and collect some of the many fruits, berries, ferns and grasses to add to your autumn display. Flower bouquets can be presented in rustic wicker containers by a florist, dressed with earthy shades of ribbon to reflect the season outside. If you prefer a brighter display, try to use late Summer flowers and delay the outset of Autumn in your home.

Halloween is also a relatively big event in Autumn. Dark floral displays with this theme can compliment the seasonal feeling and compliment your pumpkin. Floral displays can be decorated with traditional Halloween emblems like witches, bats and vampires. These would be good fun and stir the imagination, especially for the younger ones in your life.

Don't forget to send flower bouquets to friends and loved ones this season. There is a beautiful selection available and it is a good time for giving. Follow the link to see a Selection of Autumn Flowers.