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Nottingham Forest Books

Here is a selection of books for Nottingham Forest fans.

Nottingham Forest (Premier League Pocket Guides)Nottingham Forest (Premier League Pocket Guides)

Publication: (Paperback) 1 Sep 1996

Nottingham Forest (Premier League Pocket Guides)   Nottingham Forest (Premier League Pocket Guides)

Nottingham Forest - 1959 to 1999: 40 Years with the Original RedsNottingham Forest - 1959 to 1999: 40 Years with the Original Reds

Publication: (Paperback) Oct 1999

Nottingham Forest - 1959 to 1999: 40 Years with the Original Reds   Nottingham Forest - 1959 to 1999: 40 Years with the Original Reds

Nottingham Forest F.C.: The 25 Year Record (The 25 Year Record Series)Nottingham Forest F.C.: The 25 Year Record (The 25 Year Record Series)

Provides a 25 season full record of the club with all lines ups, results, scorers and attendances for every game played.

Publication: (Paperback) 29 Sep 1995

Nottingham Forest F.C.: The 25 Year Record (The 25 Year Record Series)   Nottingham Forest F.C.: The 25 Year Record (The 25 Year Record Series)

Nottingham Forest Football ClubNottingham Forest Football Club

Publication: (Paperback) 18 Aug 1988

Nottingham Forest Football Club   Nottingham Forest Football Club

Nottingham Forest Football Club: An A-ZNottingham Forest Football Club: An A-Z

Publication: (Paperback) Nov 1998

Nottingham Forest Football Club: An A-Z   Nottingham Forest Football Club: An A-Z

Nottingham Forest Official Football AnnualNottingham Forest Official Football Annual

Publication: (Hardcover) 15 Sep 1979

Nottingham Forest Official Football Annual   Nottingham Forest Official Football Annual

Nottingham Forest: Champions 1977-1978Nottingham Forest: Champions 1977-1978

This is a match by match account of Nottingham Forest's successful 1977/8 season.

Price: £8.57

Publication: (Paperback) 10 Nov 2004

Nottingham Forest: Champions 1977-1978   Nottingham Forest: Champions 1977-1978

Nottingham Forest: Real Lives (Livewire Real Lives)Nottingham Forest: Real Lives (Livewire Real Lives)

"Livewire" is a range of reading material with a teenage/adult interest level for those with reading ages below 10, or for adult students learning English as a second or foreign language. All "Livewire" titles have been written by qualified special needs teachers, and have been assessed by The Basic Skills Agency to ensure accessibility in both layout and content. They are also subtly colour-coded for the appropriate "reading age". This biography of Nottingham Forest football team is part of the "Livewire: Real Lives" series which features personalities from sport, music and film.

Publication: (Paperback) 3 April 2000

Nottingham Forest: Real Lives (Livewire Real Lives)   Nottingham Forest: Real Lives (Livewire Real Lives)

Official History of Nottingham ForestOfficial History of Nottingham Forest

Publication: (Hardcover) Aug 1998

Official History of Nottingham Forest   Official History of Nottingham Forest

The Legends of Nottingham ForestThe Legends of Nottingham Forest

The rise and fall of Nottingham Forest has been one of football's sadder sights. Twice Champions of Europe, as well as a major force in our domestic game, the City Ground club began 2006 in the third tier of the English League. Supporters who had enjoyed the triumphs of the previous 25 years now had to realign their ambitions. Those big days out at Wembley, basking in the glow of a cup success, were over and the regular challenge for silverware, both at home and abroad, had evaporated - almost as quickly as it had appeared. Like so many other clubs, before and since, Forest had joined the also-rans, desperate for the good times to return. During the period known simply as 'The Clough Era', the Reds became a household name, putting the city of Nottingham on the map, both in a football sense and in business and economic terms. "The Legends of Nottingham Forest" is dedicated to all those responsible, as well as honouring former players and management from other periods in Forest's rich history. Members of the two FA Cup-winning sides are featured, as well as many of the leading goalscorers, record appearance holders and international stars. Alongside the banks of the Trent many a good footballing story has been created and this book helps recall some of those golden moments, stretching back to the club's foundation in 1865 and right through to modern times. With the help of some of the club's most loyal supporters, the author pays tribute to 100 leading lights who can justifiably be acclaimed as 'the legends of Nottingham Forest'.

Price: £11.21

Publication: (Hardcover) Oct 2006

The Legends of Nottingham Forest   The Legends of Nottingham Forest

The price of books, where indicated, was correct at the time of creating this page. Price of books may have changed on the bookseller's web site.

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