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Mansfield Town Books

Here is a selection of books for Mansfield Town fans.

The Legends of Mansfield TownThe Legends of Mansfield Town

While the rest of the footballing world may regard Mansfield Town as simply 'Nottinghamshire's other club', the Stags have a rich history of their own. Here, for the first time, is a tribute to 100 of the club's outstanding performers. Illustrated throughout with high quality photographs, The Legends of Mansfield Town will delight all true football fans. After great deliberation the authors have made a selection of players that includes some of their own particular favourites from recent times, as well as paying tribute to stars of a bygone era. Some of the outstanding performers of the 20th century, who helped this small town club to achieve its sporadic successes, are commemorated. Re-live the club's Wembley triumph, recall the goal-scoring exploits of Harry Johnson, Ken Wagstaff and Ted Harston, respect the outstanding service given by the likes of Rod Arnold and Sandy Pate and remember the managers, like George Foster and Dave Smith, who have played their part in shaping the club's history. International players, big-time names and unsung heroes have all come and gone at Field Mill - and they have helped to create the Mansfield Town story that is told in these pages through detailed biographies of the club's greatest players. The Legends of Mansfield Town will be an important addition the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in this modest yet proud club, and is sure to appeal to Stags fans of all ages.

Price: £11.21

Publication: (Hardcover) Sep 2004

The Legends of Mansfield Town   The Legends of Mansfield Town

The price of books, where indicated, was correct at the time of creating this page. Price of books may have changed on the bookseller's web site.

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