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Manchester United Books

Here is a selection of books for Manchester United fans.

Manchester Buccaneers: The Diary of a Manchester United Fan, aged 12, from Tampa BayManchester Buccaneers: The Diary of a Manchester United Fan, aged 12, from Tampa Bay

'My name is Roswell P. Shambling. I'm a 12-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. I saw Malcolm Glazer bought EPL soccer side Manchester and they are now my favourite franchise. Manchester rules, man!' Roswell is an American youngster who likes Malcolm Glazer and has decided to support Manchester United (or Manchester as he calls them). From his home in Tampa, he follows all the latest developments of his new team, commenting on what he believes Sir Ferguson should do, worrying about Ferdinand Rio getting into a bar brawl in the northern English town of Sweden (and why would he be there when Manchester is in the south?), sadly watching his beloved Roy Keano leave and questioning why he never played for England, delighting in watching Manchester take on the Russian side London Chelseas and seeing the Roonaldo brothers succeed... Roswell attempts to spread the word about Manchester and their successes and failures against teams such as Tott Nam, made up predominantly of young Vietnamese players, through his website, but unfortunately his thoughts are now always well received, with hilarious consequences...

Price: £5.99

Publication: (Paperback) 8 Jun 2006

Manchester Buccaneers: The Diary of a Manchester United Fan, aged 12, from Tampa Bay   Manchester Buccaneers: The Diary of a Manchester United Fan, aged 12, from Tampa Bay

Manchester United 100 Greatest PlayersManchester United 100 Greatest Players

In 2000, the Manchester United magazine invited its readers to vote on their top Reds player of all time and Manchester United 100 Greatest Players was published the following year to celebrate the club's centenary as Manchester United. This all-new edition will contain the result of a new poll, carried out by United, the Official Manchester United Magazine, during summer 2003. With players such as Juan Sebastian Veron, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Fabien Barthez, Diego Forlan, Laurent Blanc, John O'Shea and Rio Ferdinand appearing after the last book was published this new list will have a very different feel to it.

Price: £9.89

Publication: (Hardcover) 1 Sep 2004

Manchester United 100 Greatest Players   Manchester United 100 Greatest Players

Manchester United MiscellanyManchester United Miscellany

There is something for every United fan in The Official Manchester United Miscellany. The world-famous club has a widely diverse and amazingly successful history, but this book is neither a history, nor a fan's or collector's guide, nor a collection of biographies, nor an encyclopedia. In fact, it is a little bit of all them. Within these pages, the reader will learn thousands of quirky facts about Manchester United on a wide range of topics, from the history of the club's colours and home grounds, to the legends who have graced the No. 7 shirt to European glory nights, famous managers, outstanding players and matchday trivia. More than a book of lists or compilation of trivia, the painstakingly researched miscellany will bring hours of reading pleasure to any United fan.

Price: £6.59

Publication: (Hardcover) 5 Sep 2005

Manchester United Miscellany   Manchester United Miscellany

Manchester United Official Yearbook: The Definitive Guide to the 2001-2002 SeasonManchester United Official Yearbook: The Definitive Guide to the 2001-2002 Season

The 2001-2002 season sees Sir Alex Ferguson leading Manchester United in an effort to win their eight Premiership title in its tenth season as well to reclaim the European Champions' League Cup trophy in his final campaign at Old Trafford. With the arrival of prolific Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, and highly-regarded Argentinian midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron (for a British transfer record of about [pound]25 million), plus an extra effort on the part of all for Fergie's last season, United will be aiming to atone for their quarter-final exit from the final stages of the Champions' League competition last year. In the Premiership, the Red Devils will be competing against those desperate to prevent them claiming a fourth consecutive title - with Liverpool and Arsenal probably being United's most dangerous rivals. Match by match and month by month, this is the ultimate record of the 2001-2002 season at Old Trafford, which features a fully illustrated match report on every single game played, full match statistics, monthly progress reports and a full set of statistics at the end of the campaign, as well as an overview of the whole season. The Yearbook includes reviews, results and tables for the Reserves, the Juniors and the Manchester United Academy teams - in effect results for every single game played by the club at every level. Also included is information on travel arrangements and supporters' clubs. There are official end-of-season statements from both the chairman and the manager, which also look forward to the possibilities for the next campaign. The Manchester United Official Yearbook 2002 is the only official, definitive review of Manchester United's 2001-2002 season, and features player profiles as United look forward to the campaign for 2002-2003.

Price: £10.99

Publication: (Paperback) 5 Jun 2002

Manchester United Official Yearbook: The Definitive Guide to the 2001-2002 Season   Manchester United Official Yearbook: The Definitive Guide to the 2001-2002 Season

Red Devils: Alternative History of Manchester UnitedRed Devils: Alternative History of Manchester United

This work documents the crimes and misdemeanours of Manchester United from the club's genesis as Newton Heath to the present. The people featured in the book stretch back to Frank Barson in the 1920s to Charlie Mitten in the 1950s; and George Anderson in the 1910s to Mickey Thomas in the 1980s. Also featured are the betting and bribery scandals of the 1900s to alleged match-fixing in the 1960s.

Price: £8.99

Publication: (Paperback)7 Sep 1998

Red Devils: Alternative History of Manchester United   Red Devils: Alternative History of Manchester United

The Birth of the Babes: Manchester United Youth Policy, 1950-57The Birth of the Babes: Manchester United Youth Policy, 1950-57

The emergence in the 1950s of talented footballers such as Duncan Edwards and Bobby Charlton was a result of the first truly comprehensive scouting and coaching operation English football had known. As a player Matt Busby had learned through bitter experience of the 'sink or swim' approach that prevailed at most football clubs and realised that the harnessing of the full talents of footballers required a more involved approach. If a player had a gambling or drinking problem for instance, this would affect his performance on a Saturday and would therefore become the club's problem. With this in mind he set out in management with the idea that footballers were not there just to play football. In Manchester United Busby found a club that had already made its express intention the development of a United first team composed entirely of Manchester players. To this end they had begun a junior section (MUJACS) before the war and spread their net in search of talent in the north-west. This approach was widened by Busby in the post-war years so that the most talented youngsters from all corners of the British Isles were gathered together to form what nowadays would be classed a 'school of excellence'. Yet the emergence of the Busby Babes was a social as much as a sporting phenomenon. Not only did these young players receive expert football training but they were treated as part of a family, to them Manchester United became a 'home away from home'. In "The Birth of the Babes", current Manchester United Academy coach Tony Whelan examines not only the roots of Matt Busby's socialism, his approach to the care of his players, but illustrates the system of scouts, coaches and trainers that made Manchester United a prototype for the youth systems of today. Beautifully illustrated with photographs and memorabilia culled from the private collections of many of the youth players of the time, "The Birth of the Babes" is essential reading for anyone interested in the pre-Munich era when United took English football by storm.

Price: £8.54

Publication: (Paperback)1 May 2005

The Birth of the Babes: Manchester United Youth Policy, 1950-57   The Birth of the Babes: Manchester United Youth Policy, 1950-57

The Lost Babes: Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of MunichThe Lost Babes: Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of Munich

The Lost Babes (subtitled Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of Munich) is Jeff Connor's compellingly readable account of one of the great tragedies in sporting history and its aftermath. The great manager Matt Busby had forged Manchester United into an invincible team in the 1950s. No one seemed able to halt the progress of these young and immensely talented players as they added the 1955-6 Championship Trophy to their accomplishments, repeating the feat next year. But all this was to change in the most tragic fashion when on the sixth of February, 1958, the plane bringing the team home from Munich crashed, ending the lives of eight of the Manchester United players along with other passengers on the plane. Britain (not just fans of the team) was devastated, as the careers of such talents as Roger Byrne (England's Captain), Duncan Edwards, Tommy Taylor and Eddie Coleman were ended at a stroke. Connor describes this devastating incident with both vividness and sympathy, but he is equally to be praised for his handling of subsequent events, notably the lives of the players who survived the crash and the families of those who didn't. The Lost Babes describes the inauguration of one of the great football teams in sporting history, and does so against a richly drawn panoply of the Britain of the day. He is unsparing and when describing the aftermath of the plane crash, with the club making the Munich tragedy emblematic while not looking after the survivors or the families and relatives of those who died. Of the surviving members of the team, some were unable to play ever again, and the case of the celebrated Jackie Blanchflower, severely injured in the crash, became a cause célèbre, as he became homeless when he was abruptly removed from the club house very shortly after the accident, with virtually no compensation.

Price: £8.99

Publication: (Hardcover) 6 Feb 2006

The Lost Babes: Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of Munich   The Lost Babes: Manchester United and the Forgotten Victims of Munich

The Official Manchester United Annual 2006The Official Manchester United Annual 2006

There is something for every Manchester United fan in The Official Manchester United Annual 2006. Read the profiles of all the top players including Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Scholes, John O'Shea and Cristiano Ronaldo. Solve the many word and picture puzzles and quizzes, all based around Old Trafford and the team, and enjoy the stunning action moments captured on camera by United's official photographer, including Fergie's 1,000th game. Plus Fred the Red returns for more of his hilarious adventures around Old Trafford.

Price: £5.59

Publication: (Hardcover) 15 Aug 2005

The Official Manchester United Annual 2006   The Official Manchester United Annual 2006

The Official Manchester United Illustrated HistoryThe Official Manchester United Illustrated History

Now fully updated to the end of the 2002-03 season, this book provides an insightful and colourful journey through the club's illustrious history, from its humble beginnings as Newton Heath in 1878 to its current position as a football superpower and a multi-million pound business empire. With over 250 photographs providing a pictorial timeline, this book, decade by decade, tells the story of the club's triumphs and tragedies, its most influential players and managers and the events that helped shape Manchester United. From the Munich air disaster to the unforgettable reclaiming of the Premiership in 2002-03, from Best, Charlton and Law to Van Nistelrooy, Keane and Giggs, this book offers both the diehard fan and the club's legion of new supporters a definitive record of a footballing giant.

Price: £16.50

Publication: (Hardcover) 20 Sep 2004

The Official Manchester United Illustrated History   The Official Manchester United Illustrated History

The Official Manchester United Quiz BookThe Official Manchester United Quiz Book

With questions on every aspect of the world's most-famous club from their lowly beginnings in 1876 as Newton Heath (as a collection of railway workers from Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways) to their first taste of championship success in 1908, from Bank Street to Old Trafford, from Munich to Barcelona, from Busby's Babes to Fergie's Fledglings there will be questions to enough diverse questions in this book to challenge the football savy of even the most die-hard Reds fan. The book will be split into three sections of varying difficulty. The first section is the easy one, with questions aimed at a level that even non-football fans will find possible to answer; the next section will be more of a challenge but not too difficult; the last part will sort the tracksuits from the anoraks, these are deliberately, some might even say ruthlessly, hard. Also included in the book is a template answer sheet which can be copied and a guide on how to run your own quiz. The Manchester United Quiz Book will be the perfect gift for the United-mad person who thinks that they know it all or equally for someone in training to host the local's quiz night (just make sure they all love your favourite team as much as you do!)

Price: £5.59

Publication: (Paperback) 6 Aug 2001

The Official Manchester United Quiz Book   The Official Manchester United Quiz Book

The price of books, where indicated, was correct at the time of creating this page. Price of books may have changed on the bookseller's web site.

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