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Portobello Film Festival

The Portobello Film Festival originated in 1996 with the purpose of providing a platform to upcoming British and international film-makers to showcase their work and get recognition in the mainstream. It came into being as a reaction to the fading British film industry.

The hallmark of the festival is to screen films made by film-makers of the rebellious kind, experimenting with various digital devices. Over 600 films from all over the world are screened at the 18 day spectacle, where revelers can expect a ride into the eerie and the wonderful through the silver screen. Also featured at the event are the latest popular movies. A visit to the festival becomes a complete and fulfilling one due to the inclusion of unique events such as live comedy, electric DJ events, poetry competition and theatre evenings. Insight-giving talks by experts on contemporary subjects in the film world is another attraction at the festival.

Entry to all the events at the festival is free. The films are screened at unusual venues and settings along the Notting Hill and Portobello road areas of London.

DateSaturday 29th May 2010 to Sunday 30th May 2010
AddressWestbourne Studios- Acklam Road W10, The Tabernacle Powis Square, W11, and the Inn On The Green Thorpe Close W10
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