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Isle of Man TT Race

DateMonday 30th May 2011 to Friday 10th June 2011
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The tournament was established on the Isle of Man as it was impossible for a car race to be held on Britain's roads after the introduction of an Act of Parliament in 1903. That Act stipulated that the cars were to be driven below 20 km per hour on Britain's highways and byways. In 1904, the Secretary of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Julian Orde, approached the Isle of Man government authorities sensing that the Manx officials would adopt a more lenient attitude towards automobile racing on public roads. Motor racing began on the Isle of Man in the form of Gordon Bennett Car Trial after the The Highways (Light Locomotive) Act 1904 gave approval to the 52.15 mile "Highlands" course.

On 17th January, 1907, during the annual dinner of the Auto-Cycle Club held in London, the editor of "The Motor-Cycle" Magazine proposed the idea of organising races for road touring motorcycles on closed public roads in the Isle of Man. The very first International Auto-Cycle Tourist Trophy (as the Isle of Man TT Race was then called) was held on Tuesday, 28 May, 1907. Motorcycles participating in the races were in two classes - the single-cylinder machines to average 90 mpg and twin-cylinder machines to average 75 mpg. Charlie Collier won the first race by managing a cracking average race speed of 38.21 mph, while the winner of the twin-cylinder class was Rem Fowler, riding a Norton motor-cycle at an average race speed of 36.21 mph.

The Isle of Man TT race attracts high-profile road racers from all over the world, who test their skills against the 37 miles of public roads that constitute the TT circuit. Viewing of the spectacular race is mostly free, and one can choose between varieties of vantage points if one comes to the venue early. The circuit runs through the center of Douglas and Ramsey in the North of the island. . The viewing points that locals recommend are Kirk Michael, Creg-ny-Baa, Brandish and Hillberry, Ballaugh Bridge, and Union Mills. The mountain course, too, offers the most exhilarating view, with bikers racing through the twists and turns of country lanes in the villages.

Each year the highly-rated motorcycle event has something new and path breaking to offer. The 2009 version showcased emission free electric motorbikes to demonstrate green technology's capability to attain speeds of up to 100 mph.