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5922334Massimo Bartolini: Credits
DateFriday 7th February 2020 to Thursday 9th April 2020
DescriptionMassimo Bartolini is internationally renowned for his immersive, experiential art. His work is often talked about in terms of metamorphosis and experimentation - he makes art which changes space and our experience of it and which often acknowledges, in its finished form, the processes by which it was made. Credits is an exhibition about Landscape; its meaning, form and significance. For Bartolini landscape is nature viewed from a safe distance, it is always a projection of those that inhabit it. The works in this show each engage the viewer's senses in precise and different ways. The aural work In a Landscape is an organ in the form of a well with a music box inside. The music is inspired by the first 10 bars of the composition of the same name by John Cage. The juxtaposition of a minimal and rather brutalist structure with fragility and intimacy is typical of Bartolini's practice. The title of installation Grotoni e Malocchi is taken from a text by the Italian writer Maurizio Maggiani. The words Grotoni and Malocchi are untranslatable in English, though they refer to "components" of ploughed earth; the Grotoni being wet clods, the Malocchi dry. To retain this differential state the artist requires the 'devotional act' of watering the work every day. The video work Credits consists of two facing video screens. One screen shows a section of wooden floorboards in which two of the knots have become eyes blinking in time to a curious Flamenco rhythm. The eyes look towards the other screen which appears to be playing the end credits of a film. Watching the endless scrolling list one slowly deciphers its unsettling significance. Massimo Bartolini was born in Cecina, Italy in 1965. Recent solo exhibitions include: Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza (2019), Palazzo Oneto di Sperlinga, Palermo (2018), Fondazione Merz, Turin & Lismore Castle, Ireland (2017). Recent group exhibitions include Proportio, Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2015), and The Disappearance of the Fireflies, Prison Sainte Anne, Avignon (2014).
Time(s)Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm, ends Apr 9
LocationFrith Street Gallery
Telephone No.020 7494 1550
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Frith Street Gallery
Address17-18 Golden Square
Telephone No.020 7494 1550
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