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2121042Speed Dating in Torquay
DateWednesday 6th November 2019
DescriptionTorquay Speed Dating

How speed dating in Torquay works
A great event to go to is Speed Dating in Torquay. How it works is our friendly professional hosts will greet you and they will settle you in by briefly explaining the format of the Speed Dating evening. The Speed Dating in Torquay will commence with the speed dating then taking place for the remainder of the evening.

How many dates will I get at a Torquay Speed Dating event?
You will normally get between twelve and fifteen dates depending on the venue location at one of our Speed Dating in Torquay events. Occasionally we go up to twenty dates. Any more and you would probably be exhausted.

What if I like someone at the Speed Dating in Torquay event?
If you like someone at the Torquay Speed Dating event, simply enter a tick on your Speeding Ticket corresponding to the person you like to indicate you may want to see that person again. The following day you can either sign in to the website and enter your choices directly, or call the office and one of the team will enter your ticks for you to match you up with others from the Speed Dating in Torquay event.
The Speed Dating in Torquay is a speed dating event brought to you by Slow Dating on

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LocationRock Garden
Telephone No.02380784694
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