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2122610FREE pop singing session with the Braintree Rock Choir
DateTuesday 24th May 2022
DescriptionAre you looking to learn to sing? The local Braintree choir is run by singer/pianist Adam Henrikson. The Braintree branch is part of the unique national singing family that is Rock Choir. Whilst retaining our focus on Braintree community causes and events, our nearby Rock Choir groups come together in regional and even national groups for bigger events, such performing en masse at the Liverpool Arena, achieving album sales that enter the charts, television appearances and Guinness World Records and helping to raise millions for charity. Joining this incomparable musical national treasure is very easy, there are no auditions, there's no need to read music and we're open to everyone in your local community! Just like a gym membership or Zumba Class, your Rock Choir rehearsal provides an escape from everyday life. For over an hour, once a week, your time is completely your own, to do nothing but sing your heart out with our trailblazing formula of fun, friendship and feel-good music. Book a FREE singing taster session at the Braintree Rock Choir and see for yourself!

FREE taster session and then membership at £25 per month. Here's a quote from one of our members - 'Rock Choir is a way for people to express themselves musically in an environment which normally would not allow them to do so. I bet a pound to a pinch of salt there are thousands of guys and girls in the UK itching to sing but are too embarrassed or worried what others may think, and let's face it, if it makes people happy then come on UK lets get behind them!!! Rock Choir is the wonderful innovative idea which is the brain child of Caroline Redman Lusher who I have had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months. Live the dream guys.' - Gary Chilton (Double-platinum selling singer with 'The Soldiers')
Time(s)8.00pm - 9.30pm
LocationAlec Hunter Academy
AddressStubbs Lane, Braintree, Essex
Post codeCM7 3NR
Telephone No.01252 714276
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