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Benefits of listing your events on our site

Our events listings is used by thousands of people throughout the UK every day. You can get your events seen by all these people, for FREE, by letting us know about the events at your venue. To register your venue simply fill in the form below. You can let us know details of events by e-mailing or we can supply you with details so that you can add your events yourself, at any time.

Benefits of registering your venue

If you have a number of events, you should register your venue on our site. Registering your venue on our site gives you many benefits as well as publicising your events to a large number of users:

  • Registering is Free
  • A full page entry is created in our directory for the venue with the details you provide, below
  • Readers can get basic information about the venue as well as details of the events
  • Your events can have a greater amount of detail
  • Visitors to our site can choose to see only events at selected venues

To register your venue, look through the site to choose the Directory categories where you would like your venue listed and fill in the form below. Required fields are marked by an asterisk *. We may not be able to process incomplete forms.

This form is for venues not already on the site. To make alterations for an existing entry please e-mail

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