Wrexham Directions

Wrexham Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Wrexham

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Wrexham Transport and Travel Directions


Wrexham road
Chester which is in the north and Wrexham are linked by A483 and A55. In the south the A483 connects to Owestry via A5. A41 runs along the east side of the town and connects Christleton in the north and Whitchurch in the south.
Wrexham - bus/coach
The main operators serving local, regional and long-distances are Arriva Wales/Cymru, Arriva Midland Red North, GHA Coaches, D Jones & Son, Townlynx, G Edwards and Bryn Melyn. Wrexham is served by the National Express coach network as well.
Wrexham - train
Wrexham Central Railway Station


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