St. Austell Directions

St. Austell Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for St. Austell

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St. Austell Transport and Travel Directions


St. Austell road
A391 meets A30 towards north thereby linking to Exeter in the far north-east of the town. A390 links the town to Tavistock in the north-east near the Dartmoor National Park.
St. Austell - bus/coach
First Devon and Cornwall, Truronian, National Express, Tavistock Community Transport, Western Greyhound, Roselyn Coaches and Polruan Bus of Fowey are the bus and coach operators in St Austell.
St. Austell - airport
Newquay Airport is about 15.5 miles from the town.
St. Austell - boat/ferry
Plymouth Ferry Port is about 41 miles from the town via A390/A38/A374.
St. Austell - train
Saint Austell Railway Station


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