Newark-on-Trent Directions

Newark-on-Trent Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Newark-on-Trent

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Newark-on-Trent Transport and Travel Directions


Newark-on-Trent road
A17 starts from the north and goes eastward and connects to Sleaford. Lincoln is situated in the Northeast of Newark and linked by A47. A47 also connects to Mansfield in the west. Nottingham is to the Southwest of Newark and A46 and A52 are the linking roads.
Newark-on-Trent - bus/coach
Bellamys, Marshall's coaches, National Express, Sleafordian Coaches, KJB coaches and Wrights are the coach operators. Countryman Community Bus, Dunn Line East Midlands,, Lincolnshire Road Car and Nottingham City Transport are the operators for travel within the city and nearby.
Newark-on-Trent - airport
East Midlands Airport is situated just 38 miles away from Newark and is accessible via roads A46, A52 and A453.
Newark-on-Trent - train
Newark Northgate Railway Station


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