Luton Directions

Luton Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Luton

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Luton Transport and Travel Directions


Luton road
A1 passes the city in the east whilst the M1 is on the west. M1 is connected to the city at J11 by the A5065 in the North West and at J10 by the A1081 in the South West. A6 enters the city from the north.
Luton - bus/coach
The major bus operators for travel inside the city and nearby as well as long distance are Arriva the Shires, Centrebus, Easybus, Greenline, Grant Palmer, National Express, Red Rose, Stagecoach and UNO.
Luton - airport
London Luton Airport serves both domestic flights and flights to various destinations all over Europe, some destinations in Asia and USA. A good connection of all modes of public transport exists between Luton and the airport.
Luton - train
Luton Railway Station


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