Leicester Directions

Leicester Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Leicester

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Leicester Transport and Travel Directions


Leicester road
M1 motorway and M69 motorway run along the western side of Leicester. The city is well connected by other roads like the A563, A47, A6030, A5199 and A6.
Leicester - bus/coach
First Leicester of the First Group is the chief local bus operator within the city. Arriva Midlands along with the intra-city coverage also connects to the surrounding rural areas. Budget buses with in the local authority are operated by Centrebus. National Express coaches, Megabus and Stagecoach operate on long distances from the city. East Midlands Airport has a good connection during nights with Leicester via the Flight Link buses.
Leicester - airport
Near to Castle Donington is the East Midlands Airport which has flights to most of the European destinations and also to trans-continental destinations like Barbados, Sanford and Florida. M1 connects Leicester to the airport.
Leicester - train
Leicester Railway Station


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