Coventry Directions

Coventry Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Coventry

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Coventry Transport and Travel Directions


Coventry road
M69 and M6 are to the north of Coventry while M42 is in the West direction.

Coventry can be entered from the east via the M1. The M40 lies to the south.
Coventry - bus/coach
Travel Coventry provides local bus services in and around Coventry in association with Travel West Midlands which serves the other major cities and towns of the West Midlands. Travel De Courcey is the other operator within Coventry and Warwickshire area. Stagecoach is the other bus operator within Warwickshire.
Coventry - airport
Coventry Airport is connected to many destinations across Europe. It is easily accessible from Coventry ( directions) through various modes of transport.
Coventry - boat/ferry
Coventry canal is a tourist attraction and the information on boat services can be had on: Waterways - Coventry Canal.
Coventry - train
Coventry Railway Station


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