Chesterfield Directions

Chesterfield Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Chesterfield

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Chesterfield Transport and Travel Directions


Chesterfield road
The M1, lying to the east of the town, makes the city accessible from London as well as Leeds. The A61 joins Chesterfield to Sheffield in the North and along with A38 connects to Derby in the south. To the south-west is Mansfield which is connected to the city by A617.
Chesterfield - bus/coach
The main operators are East Midlands and TM Travel (also called Watts ). The other significant operators in the area are National Express, Hulleys, Trent Barton and Holmes of Holy Cross.
Chesterfield - airport
The nearest airfield is Netherthorpe Aerodrome, but it is not licensed for commercial flights. The convenient airports are East Midland Airport (about 37.8 miles) and Doncaster Robin Hood Airport (about 32.3 miles).
Chesterfield - train
Chesterfield Railway Station


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