Bootle Directions

Bootle Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Bootle

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Bootle Transport and Travel Directions


Bootle road
A565 is the road running north-south. To the north it links to Southport whilst in the south it connects to Liverpool. To the east is Manchester and is connected to Bootle by A580.
Bootle - bus/coach
Ace Travel (North West), Arriva Merseyside, Arriva NorthWest, Cumfybus/Coach, Glenvale Transport, Huyton Transport, Northwest Travel, Ribble and Supertravel Mini Coaches are the bus operators for travel in and around Bootle.
Bootle - boat/ferry
The nearest ferry port is Liverpool Ferry Port, which is just 2.6 miles to the south. The two ferry operators are P&O Ferries and Isle of Mann Steam Packet. Detailed information is available at: Merseyside Ferries.
Bootle - train
Bootle Oriel Road Railway Station


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