Birkenhead Directions

Birkenhead Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Birkenhead

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Birkenhead Transport and Travel Directions


Birkenhead road
The North-South M53 motorway loops round the north-west side of Birkenhead and then runs south. The town can be reached from Junctions 1 and 3 on the M53, via A554 and A552. The A41 connects the town with London. The Queensway road tunnel, under the River Mersey, connects the town to Liverpool.
Birkenhead - bus/coach
The main bus operators in the town are First Crosville, Avon Coaches( also called Smith, of Prenton), Arriva Merseyside, Raddoneur of Wallasey, Merseyside, A1A Travel of Birkenhead, A 2 B Travel of Prenton, Happy AL's Coaches (also called Cullinan), of Birkenhead, Eazibus of Wallasey, Ace Travel (North West) of Aintree.
Birkenhead - tram
A tram service runs between Woodside ferry terminal and Wirral Transport Museum, as a part of a heritage tramway.
Birkenhead - airport
The nearest Liverpool John Lennon Airport is located about 11.1 miles from Birkenhead.
Birkenhead - boat/ferry
Two ferry crossings operate from Birkenhead. They are: 1. Liverpool Birkenhead to Dublin ferry and 2. Liverpool Birkenhead to Belfast ferry, both operated by Norfolkline.
Birkenhead - train
Birkenhead Central Railway Station


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