Bathgate Directions

Bathgate Directions

Transport and Travel Directions for Bathgate

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Bathgate Transport and Travel Directions


Bathgate road
The motorway M8 connects the city to Edinburgh in east. Glasgow is in the west and is connected to Bathgate by A801, M8 and A8. To the north of Bathgate is Dundee and the two cities are linked via the M8, the A90 and the A92.
Bathgate - bus/coach
Autowater, Autowater, Davidsons Buses, Destinations, First Edinburgh, Horsburgh Coaches, Passenger Travel Limited and SD Travel are the bus and coach operators for Bathgate.
Bathgate - boat/ferry
Rosyth Ferry Port is just 19 miles towards the north of Bathgate. Superfast Ferries operates three weekly crossings to Zeebrugge.
Bathgate - train
Bathgate Railway Station


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